How To Find Volunteers For Your Next Event 

When planning your next event, it’s imperative to consider the number of hands you’re going to need working behind the scenes. An efficient way to keep labour costs low and increase productivity is to hire volunteers to work at your event. 

Why hire event volunteers? Hiring volunteers means you’re actively working with the local community, providing options for both professional and personal development in event planning. This is all while expanding your network, brand awareness, and connections within the industry. 

In summary, by hiring volunteers, you’re providing a mutually beneficial agreement for the volunteer, the community, and your business.  

But how do you find volunteers for your next event? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top tips for recruiting volunteers, and finding the best candidates to make your next event perfect.  

Define Your Ideal Volunteering Candidate

When planning your volunteer recruitment strategy, one of the first things to establish is what your ideal candidate looks like.  

Who – Who is best suited for this position? Are there any special requirements? e.g. specific training, qualifications.
What – What is their role? What will their duties be? Having clear expectations is important. If you don’t know, neither will they.
When – When are they available? When do you need them available? Providing the date and time of training sessions/shifts in advance will open up more options for volunteers.
Where – Where is the location? Where are they located? Be clear “ Event Volunteering, Melbourne” Also, map the most accessible points to the venue prior.
Why – Briefly explain why the role is important to the cause or event. “We need like-minded people with a passion for people, music, and sound engineering to make this fundraiser rock. “
How – How do they get involved? “Fill out this form. Wait for our call. Attend required training. Show up on time to the event!” 

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How to Promote A Volunteering Opportunity 

Now that you’ve got an idea of what your ideal candidate looks like, it’s time to connect with your potential recruits. Not sure how to schedule volunteers for an event?  

The best way is to advertise the event and position. Advertising yourself is a great way to get volunteers to come to you. If you’re wondering how to promote your event to volunteers, keep on reading.  

Social Media Call-Outs

Social media is your ally in the volunteer recruitment process. In today’s society, social media has the power to do anything. Having an online presence through platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook can help establish a direct line to you and potential candidates. It also raises awareness of your event. By internally sponsoring your posts, you can exponentially grow your outreach.

Alternatively, you can list your positions on job sites such as LinkedIn and Seek. These job sites can help make the application and screening process much easier and more professional for mass recruitment.      

Peer-to-peer Recruitment 

Peer-to-peer recruitment is one of the oldest and best ways to screen candidates for your next event. Worked with someone in the area and think they’d be great for the job? There’s no harm in reconnecting with an email to see if they’re interested. If they’re not keen, get them to ask around and create a buzz. 

 Don’t be afraid to take the initiative and engage with different people. Whether it’s people from the past or those that you’ve only just networked. What is most important is to appeal to volunteers who align with your business model and the core values of your event.  

Reach Out To Students

One regularly missed opportunity is hiring students. Students often have a can-do attitude and excitement for on-the-job learning. High School and University students may be required to do some form of work experience for their education.  

Providing students volunteer opportunities in event management can often push them to better themselves professionally. These experiences can even change the direction of their career, inspiring the newest wave of event experts. The best way to go about this is by contacting the school/university directly and offering school approved volunteering/work experience. Advertising positions for students help not only your event but the industry long term. 

Utilising Personal Contacts & Your Professional Network

Utilising personal contacts is an absolute MUST when organising volunteers for an event. Word of mouth is everything. There’s always someone who knows a guy, who knows a guy, who ends up being great for the event. 

 Make your approach less formal, more casual. Interpersonal relationships sell numbers; it’s the same with talent. Networking opens many doors; it’s up to you to take advantage of these opportunities. Putting yourself out there and using your personal and professional networks is one of the easiest ways to achieve your goal of finding the perfect volunteers.  

Provide Incentives

Incentivising volunteer opportunities is critical in the recruitment process. Volunteers are just that, volunteers. Incentives need to be provided to show that you (and the business) appreciate their time, work, and effort. Incentives don’t necessarily need to be financial. They can be awards, celebratory lunches, team-building exercises, opportunities for professional development, etc. 

Sometimes, all it takes is a well deserved “thank you” to boost morale and generate positive, reoccurring professional relationships. 

Creating A Permanent Volunteering Application On Your Site

You’re going to want to keep an organised log of all of your potential recruits. One of the best ways to do this is to create a permanent volunteering application on your site. A volunteer form can help you to keep a detailed backlog of potential volunteers.  

Having an easy, permanent application portal open on your website allows you to store all of their provided information for you to contact them for future volunteer work.  

Maintaining this dossier keeps your options for networking and new professional relationships open. It also minimises the time you’ll need to spend in the volunteer recruitment process for the next event.   

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Enjoy The Party!

Time to celebrate! That’s our guide to efficiently finding volunteers to work on your next event. Hopefully, these steps have helped you to outline your perfect candidate, giving you an idea of the steps you can take to reduce the stress and hassle of planning your next event. 

If you need to plan an event and have no clue where to start, head to our site to contact us for more tips on event management.