Volunteers are a crucial part of every event!

Here at Perfect Events we love our volunteering family and we couldn’t do our events without them. Throughout this blog we thought we would share with you some of our Perfect Points on Volunteering.

1 – Initiative
Being able to take initiative is an incredible skill to learn and a very valued trait by Event Managers. A volunteer with initiative can really raise an event to new heights. You can easily exhibit initiative by even the smallest of actions, such as constant communication with your Volunteer Coordinator, noticing dangerous situations or hazards and alerting a staff member or even just general problem solving!

2 – Leadership
True leaders are probably one of the best kinds of Volunteers we see in events. These people have an awesome talent for taking initiative and are quick on their feet. Learning the skill of leadership is a personality trait that stands out amongst the rest.

3 – Asking Questions!
Don’t be afraid to ever ask questions while you’re volunteering. There are no silly questions – the event management team are always around to answer questions, or even ask one of your fellow volunteers. We want to make sure you get the most out of your volunteering experience and ensure that you have all the information you need to help make these events a winning success.

Volunteering in Events Industry
4 – Reliability
A crucial part of volunteering is being reliable. Ensure that what you have signed up for you are able to commit to; same as what you would do for any paid role. Volunteers that show ongoing commitment to companies, always turn up on time and willing to have a go will stand out from the crowd. We understand that life gets in the way sometimes but it is best to contact the Volunteer Coordinator if unable to attend the event; don’t just not show up.

5 – Flexible
Volunteer roles vary from event to event; some require high level skills whilst others are simple tasks. Showing your willingness to tackle any role will enhance your knowledge and demonstrate your ability to adapt with the tasks presented. Events tasks are constantly changing so by showing willingness to jump from task to task with an open mind is a great skill to have. Event Managers are more likely to give more challenging roles to volunteers who are willing to have a go at any task.

6 – Working as part of a team
We hear this all the time in a work setting but sometimes this task can bring quite a few challenges. Volunteers often do not know each other so adapting to everyone’s work habits can take some time. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses within your team would allow all members to work at their best. Being aware of cultural differences is critical to ensure all volunteers are in a comfortable environment.

These are just some of the Perfect Points that we like to share with our volunteers before going onsite onto an event!

We hope these points help give you a bit of a guide to volunteering at events!

Team Perfect Events