What is an Event Assistant?

An Event Assistant is the go-to person who can assist across multiple events and across multiple event managers to successfully provide support.

In this blog we would like to share with you some tips and advice on how to become a praiseworthy Event Assistant!

Firstly, it is fundamentally important that you get to know your Event Managers. Everyone works differently, and this couldn’t be truer in the event world. We encourage you to get a coffee with them and get to know them a little, by getting to know your coworker, you’re getting to know how they work. Whether they are a visual person, a results driven person or even a little laissez-faire and more trusting, knowing the Event Managers will create a better working culture and working space between yourself, your team and your boss.

Speaking of working space, we have to take a moment and look at our surroundings. Keeping our office clean and presentable is a priority that is always in the back of our minds, and who does it better than someone who knows the office from the mugs to the drugs (we mean the First Aid kits of course!).

Putting in processes to audit First Aid kits, as well as ordering stationery and restocking the fridge with basic needs, even a quick spot clean before a client comes in. All of these menial tasks add up to helping create a better working space for everyone.

A little gem of an idea in our office is the aim to boost morale wherever possible. Our Event Assistants love to throw as many positive and fun days into the mix wherever they can, whether it be RSPCA Cupcake Day, Biggest Morning Tea’s or even Harmony Week activities, these days help create that positive working space that we love, and further helps your bond with your coworkers (because we all need to know what your favourite cupcake is).

When it comes time to plan for events, which (let’s be honest) is all the time! You should already have a clean and ready workspace as well as a good connection with your Event Manager, which will really help this next part… Communication. To help plan a successful event, everyone involved needs to be on the same wavelength, if the Event Manager and Event Assistant are in the same mind, you hardly need to say two words and already know what needs to be done.

Packing event kits, writing correct event documentation and even being a runner on the day all becomes so much easier when you know how your team works and what their expectations are.

One final piece of advice we can impart on you, is to have fun while doing it. As serious and important as planning events can be. It is still important to enjoy what you do, and make sure everyone isn’t getting too over-involved in emails and discussions. A key role of the Event Assistant is to help alleviate stress and workload; jump in and ask if there is anything you can do to further assist, ask if they want to grab a quick coffee, pick their brain and make sure they aren’t looking at the computer when you do! Little actions like these help readjust the priorities and workload of your coworkers, thus alleviating stress and over-concentration.

These tips were submitted by Michael, one of our Event Assistants. Michael has been with the team at Perfect Events for 2 years now and has been part of the Perfect Family for 3!

“I started volunteering with the awesome team at Perfect Events in late 2017 and have loved the team ever since. Event’s itself is one of the most rewarding industries, not only do you bring smiles to people’s faces, but you get to know more of humanity and surface the good in every person.”

We asked Michael to share some of his key learnings with us.

“Some of the most important advice I have ever been given in my life is to; not go quietly into the night. Most of my schooling-life I spoke out and made my presence known. Through studying Event Management I met many budding event workers, that didn’t see the point in speaking up and adding to conversations. This is a skill that I implore future event workers to really work on, as working at Perfect Events, I have been able to bring my boisterous nature and use it for good. Connecting and learning with my peers and colleagues. Step outside of your shell and speak up, and never go quietly into the night.”

An Event Assistant’s work is never done. Our team are always switched on and ready to help each other wherever possible, so screw in that light bulb of yours and switch on to becoming the BEST Event Assistant you could ever be.

Team Perfect Events