Whether we are managing a charity event, a conference or a special Gala Dinner, as event managers one of our requirements is to make sponsors stand out in a way that flows with the event whilst maximising exposure for the brand. It’s not as simple as sticking the logo in every available space, in fact that can be offensive to guests if anything! Luckily, Perfect Events has a team of highly creative Event Managers that are able to flawlessly integrate sponsorship material to any themed event. Here are some examples of what we have been able to do so far:

1. Custom Red Carpet

In 2016 we managed the Opening Night Gala, Centrepiece Gala and Closing Night Gala for the notorious Melbourne International Film Festival. For Opening Night at Hamer Hall, the sponsor was Grey Goose Vodka. Evidently, Grey Goose had their logo on the media wall but our team managed to integrate their branding into a few different elements of the night, including the red carpet which, for the occasion, became blue! Yes we did – we ordered ‘blue carpet’ to reflect Grey Goose’s brand colours and it looked fantastic!


2. Custom Cocktails

Melbourne International Film Festival’s Opening Night Gala also included a special cocktail using Grey Goose vodka and some very slick Grey Goose branded cocktail stirrers. These were prepared and served in a very cleverly branded Grey Goose bar (blue lights, logo decals, branded aprons and a fabulous archway in the entry emitting blue lights for guests to walk in).


3. Unique Merchandise

For the Guide Dogs Victoria’s annual Dogs Unite event, we created hero capes for the dogs – because there isn’t anything much cuter than some puppies wearing capes! This also reflected the event’s message very clearly in celebrating the seeing eye dog’s hero status.


4. Phone Charging Stations

Perfect Events organised for some branded charging stations to be at the annual Pivot Summit conference & Pivot Connect in Geelong. There is no greater brand exposure than when the branded element becomes a necessity to the guests.


5. Environmental Design

Never underestimate the power of subtle decorative branding elements. Guests enjoy the event without focusing on the brand but are reminded of it at every corner. Think hanging structures, wall decals, brand colours in the lighting etc. For Landcare Australia in 2016, our client had requested the centrepieces for their awards dinner to be as sustainable as possible. Perfect Events created some beautiful centrepieces using fresh fruit and vegetables in recycled wooden crates. The fruit and vegetables were then donated to OzHarvest following the event. OzHarvest is a perishable food rescue organisation in Australia that collects excess food from commercial outlets and delivers it direct, to more than 900 charities. This meant that nothing was wasted and we were able to help people less fortunate by donating the beautiful fresh food!


If you need help with finding sponsors and maximising their exposure at your event – contact our team of professionals today!