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Event Management & Production


Event Management

Perfect Events works closely with you on the overall event concept, production and messaging. Perfect Events will manage the complete production from inception to execution, and ensure that the event is delivered within budget.


Perfect Events has thorough experience liaising with key sponsors to ensure that their needs are met on event day. We understand this is key to building long term partnerships that enable growth and expansion in your events future.

Public Relations

Perfect Events offers access to one of our service partners, a professional, engaging and results driven PR Company that continually deliver and exceed expectations. We work closely with them to determine the best ways to maximise your objectives.

Event Strategy

We have experience in all aspects of campaign management, event production & fundraising. We know how to strategically develop innovative activations to engage your guests & meet event objectives.


Perfect Events has its own online ticketing site, enabling us to manage ticket processes, collate RSVPs, establish guest lists and much, much more. We guarantee to maximise your profit by providing a one-stop shop for your event.

Supplier Engagement

At Perfect Events we pride ourselves on having excellent relationships with many venues and industry service providers. We understand the importance of nurturing these relationships, enabling us to work together to deliver a Perfect service to our clients.


Perfect Events will work with you to ensure that you get the right balance between entertainers, MC’s and celebrities (local and international) within budget, to ensure that your event is just Perfect.

Graphic Design

Perfect Events has an in-house designer that offers a seamless process to bring together all elements of the theme and production, creating a collage of the highest quality event collateral at a fraction of the cost.

Risk Management

In this day and age you cannot be too cautious. Perfect Events considers risk management and safety as No.1 priority, insisting on creating a Risk Management Plan for every event.


Need Help ? Here are some of the Popular Questions.
Why hire us?

We understand the benefits of time, effective planning and efficiency, but sometimes you just do not have this luxury – or things do not go to plan. So, no matter what the situation, circumstance or challenge, you can rest assured that Perfect Events pulls out all stops to deliver whatever is required. As our clients often tell us – we can create miracles!

How much does it cost?

We can tailor an Event Package based on your specific needs and budget. You can get the full Event service including planning, production, management, ticketing, design and more – OR you can get any of the above services quoted separately as you need them.

How far ahead should I start planning?

We have delivered a Gala Dinner for 1000+ people in under 6 weeks! This is only one example where Perfect Events has performed miracles to “just make things happen”. Depending on the size and complexity of your event, we can deliver even quicker, just contact us to establish your requirements.

Should my event have an ROI?

Every event should hold a purpose and have a return on investment. Make sure you are strategic and understand what it is you want your event to deliver. Perfect Events can help you clarify this and ensure you are on the right path & not wasting your time.